From the President

When I wrote, just before Christmas, for our January newsletter, rain was one of the topics. Today, 23 March, it’s still topical, but in a much more positive way. In the past 30 days, we have received 253mm, or just over 10 inches. 146mm of that has fallen in under 24 hours – wonderful, soaking rain. Connolly Dam is full, Storm King Dam is at 100% capacity, and Leslie Dam is almost 16% capacity, up from less than 12%.

It’s a great start to autumn, and hopefully some more inflow to Leslie Dam might allay our water worries for a while. But spare a thought for our southern neighbours, facing the devastation of floods after many endured bushfires not so long ago.

I went to the Warwick Show last weekend, the first time in at least twenty years, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The grounds were picture-perfect, the horse events were interesting and entertaining, there was more to see than I had time to see it, and the organisers had obviously given much thought to making it a COVID-safe event. Congratulations are due to everyone concerned.

By the beginning of Term Two, our AV equipment should be fully operational. Our large-screen Smart TV has finally arrived and will be installed as soon as the weather allows. We are extremely grateful to our supplier, Betta Home Living, who lent us a brand-new Smart TV from the beginning of Term One so that our classes could proceed as advertised. The delayed arrival of the TV we ordered was beyond Betta’s control and their customer service has exceeded all expectations.

Happy Easter to all of you.

Sandra Wilson