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What a splendid edition this has turned out to be with several members responding to the request made in Term 2’s Newsletter for articles on What I did during Lockdown.

One shouldn’t play favourites but special mention must be made of Cheryl Baxter’s contribution. Cheryl has allowed us to print ex-tracts from her soon-to-be-published tome: Gardening in a Drought: when the weather gives you cactus, make tequila.

Another special mention goes to Mary Johnston whom I have asked to relive her harrowing escape home from Morocco when that country’s borders were closed; it was very brave of her. I’m sure that during the lock down we have all heard of someone who has suffered from not being able to travel to visit sick friends or family during this time. Generally speaking though, we are fortunate to live in this wonderful, regional country town where there is so much space.

You will have noticed too that our quarterly publication has had a name change. The idea for changing the name from the pedestrian Newsletter to something other was the brain child of Member X. However, although his idea of a name change was embraced, the committee thought Lifelong Learning was being used in so many other places that it was not unique to Warwick U3A Inc. So: Thank you, Member X, for starting that ball rolling!

You will notice there is a request made of you again; this time it is for family recipes. Cooking really has taken off during the pandemic, hasn’t it?

Stephen Jackson

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