Minutes of annual general meeting 2021

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date:     26th November 2021.

Time:    10.00 am

Place:    One Table Function Centre, Churches of Christ, Dragon Street, Warwick Qld 4370

Attendees:         23 as per the Attendance Register.

Apologies:          7 as per register.

Item & Description                                                                                                                        

  1. Welcome

Sandra Wilson opened the meeting at 10.06 am and welcomed the members present.

  1. Apologies

Grahame Peacock read the apologies as appended.

 3 Review of Actions from AGM November 2020

There were no actions requiring review.

 4 Acceptance of Minutes from AGM November 2020. Read by Sandra Wilson.

Resolution:  That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the Financial Year ending 30th September 2020 be accepted and endorsed as an accurate record.

Moved:                 Sandra Wilson                   Seconded:  Marianne Whitby                               Carried.

  1. President’s Annual Report

Sandra Wilson read her report as appended.  Resolution:  That the Presidential report be accepted. Moved:              Sandra Wilson                   Seconded:   Barbara Diery                                  Carried

 6 Treasurer’s Report

Janet Schultz read her annual Treasurer’s Report and tabled the Financial Report for the Year ended 30th September 2021.  Resolution:  that the Treasurer’s report be accepted.

Moved:           Janet Schultz.                       Seconded: Ray Harm.                                             Carried


  1. Acceptance of Financial Report

Resolution:  That the Financial Report for the Year ended 30th September 2021 be accepted.

Moved:           Janet Schultz.                          Seconded:  Sally Edwards.                                     Carried.

 8 Determination of numbers on the Management Committee, re 2022.

Motion that the Committee remain at ten (10) members.

Moved:         Ray Harm                               Seconded:   Bob Wilson.                                      Carried

 9 Annual Membership fees for 2022.

Motion that Annual Membership Fees remain the same as in 2021, as follows:

$30.00 per person or $50.00 per couple, reducing to $20.00 after July 1st . Those joining after October 1st may pay $20.00 until the end of December, or $30.00 until the end of the following December.

Moved:                Erica Finegan                    Seconded:  Noel Warrell                                Carried


  1. Appointment of Auditor

Resolution:  That Globe Accounting be appointed as U3A Warwick Inc.’s auditor for the next reporting period.

Moved:                 Janet Schultz                      Seconded:  Sally Edwards                                             Carried.


  1. Election of Management Committee

Sandra Wilson declared all positions vacant and Returning Officer Ed Diery read out the nominees, nominators and seconders for positions on the committee as appended.  There being no other nominations for any position, and all nominations having been accepted, Ed Diery declared the nominees duly elected. One position remained vacant.


  1. General Business
  • Members were advised that the registration day will be held January 21st 2022 at the Flanders room, Warwick RSL from 10am.
  • Social events for 2022 to be advised.
  • The 2022 AGM will be Friday 25th
  • Courses and classes will restart January 24th.

 13 Meeting Close

Sandra Wilson thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.30 am.


Minute Taker:  Grahame Peacock


President’s Annual Report 2021


In 1849, French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” or “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. 2021 year exemplifies this. On the upside, we finally received good rain and the toilet paper situation appears to have stabilised. So, no bushfires and no empty shelves at the supermarket. However, COVID-19, China-Australia iciness, lockdowns, protests, and border closures are still with us, not to mention the looming federal election. And of course, this year has seen the COVID-associated vaccine and vaccination issues which are resonating in our community, and indeed, world-wide.


Normal service returned to a large degree this year, with appropriate check-in, social distancing, and sanitation arrangements in place. Member numbers and the range of classes were somewhat reduced, as has been the case with other U3A groups in Queensland. Lacking a tutor, our popular computer classes have not resumed, and Meet the Orchestra, Indonesian, Opera, and Recorder classes have been on hiatus for some of the year for various reasons. However, several new classes began, including Indoor Tai Chi, Meditation, Wood Crafting, Know Your Tablet, and the Music Show. We also had a brief flirtation with Latin, until its convenor decamped to live in Tasmania.


I would like to thank this year’s current and former committee members. They have been helpful, enthusiastic, and hardworking, and I am extremely grateful for their support. Grahame Peacock, a new member last year, bravely joined the committee as Secretary, learning the administrative side quickly as well as sorting out workplace health and safety issues and, increasingly, providing practical expertise and advice. Janet Schultz, our Treasurer, managed our financial affairs and our Database with aplomb, and for quite some time from afar, and Neil Bonnell, our eminence grise, provided wise and tactful advice.

Barbara Diery has been our Social Convenor and Maree Espie our Course Co-ordinator – thankless tasks from which they are retiring. They will be missed, as was Cheryl Baxter when she retired as Vice President earlier this year. Sally Edwards and Sandy Gordon have done stellar service as Publicity Officer and Community Liaison Officer respectively.

Stephen Jackson has relinquished his role as Newsletter Editor to get a life that does not entail the pressure of producing a magnum opus every month. I thank him for his time, effort, and dedication, and welcome Bob Wilson, who has taken over as Newsletter Editor. Bob is a former journalist who will no doubt put his own stamp on the quarterly “…new tricks!” issues next year.


Apart from the social morning teas and luncheons organised by Barbara Diery, we held one official function this year, our Annual Luncheon in July. The venue was the Churches of Christ auditorium in Dragon Street, and COC also catered the event. They provided an excellent meal, and the venue was welcoming and comfortable. We hope to return to more functions next year. Registration and Sign-on Day was held in our Tooth St Rooms over three days to accommodate Covid limitations but should return to one morning at a central venue in January. See details in our newsletters and on our web site.


I’d like to thank all our members who help when something needs to be done. Your contributions are invaluable and U3A would not function as well without you. In particular, I would like to thank Ray Harm, who prints and helps fold our quarterly newsletter “….new tricks”. Cheryl Baxter and Janet Schultz also assisted with the newsletter, helping Ray and me to fold it and printing and attaching labels etc.

Goondiwindi Sub-Branch

Our Goondiwindi members were also affected by COVID-19 issues but have continued their line-dancing classes and restarted their art classes at a new venue. They have a full committee for 2022 and we hope to arrange a little more interaction with them next year.


The AV equipment purchased using a grant from SDRC has facilitated several new courses as well as existing courses in our Tooth St Rooms. It has also been used on one occasion by another community group, and we hope this diversity of use continues and that new courses will be encouraged by its availability. We will also be making greater use of our web site next year to communicate with members in between our quarterly newsletters.


Heartfelt thanks are due to our sponsors, whose advertisements in our quarterly newsletter “….new tricks!” help defray printing and postage costs.  Please do patronise them, and make sure you let them know you are a U3A member and that you saw their advertisement in our newsletter.


Several of our long-term members died this year, including Jeanne Klaudt, Jane Durand, Helen Ferrier, and Ben Durand. They were valuable members of our community, and we miss them. We extend our condolences to their families and friends.

The Future

As usual, the unknown will bring challenges and benefits. We hope it brings new members, new ideas, and new courses. New members, and new committee members, are our lifeblood. Without them, U3A, like any organisation, will become moribund. Some of our existing committee members, including me, will probably step down next year, before we too become moribund.  To paraphrase JFK, ask not what U3A can do for you, ask what you can do for U3A.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Good health and best wishes for 2022.

Sandra Wilson

November 26, 2021