Reminders for Members

Members are reminded that listed course times are provided by convenors prior to each term to meet publication deadlines, and that they should always check prior to the first activity to confirm days, dates and times.

You must be a financial member of U3A Warwick Inc. to attend any activity conducted by the association.

The rooms are in a complex on the corner of Wood and Tooth Streets. The U3A Rooms (Rooms 1,2 and 3) occupy the building on the southern side of the complex. There is a large “U3A” sign on the eastern side of the building. Access is through the big gateway on the Tooth Street side of the main building. Please follow the concrete path which veers to the right of the toilet block. From December 1, 2023 we will take over the lease for the entire complex including the rooms previously occupied by Endeavour.

Just a reminder to all members that if you use the U3A rooms please leave them clean and tidy.  Use the paper towels and cleaning solution provided in each room to wipe benches and tables. Please speak to your convenor for additional information.  Rooms are professionally cleaned from time to time.

Thank you to members who have provided their email address. Our quarterly Newsletter will be distributed via email  in colour in PDF (Portable Document Format) prior to the start of each term.

Please email if you wish to change your email address or to change to, or from, email newsletters.