U3A Warwick Inc COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

The U3A Warwick Management Committee reviewed the U3A Warwick COVID-19 Vaccination policy dated 02/12/2021 (which was based on one provided by U3A Qld network) at its meeting on 17/01/23.  The policy requires existing and new members and tutors to show that they have been fully vaccinated or have a medical certificate to show their exemption.  This is in line with current Queensland Government recommendations.  The U3A Qld network sought legal advice on the policy at the time and the advice to individual branches was that, to ensure our duty of care to all members and tutors, many of whom have health vulnerabilities, we should require participants to be fully vaccinated ( or medically exempted) to be able to attend classes.

Recent advice from U3A Qld network suggests that this advice has not changed, however it is a decision for each branch.  It was a unanimous decision of the U3A Warwick Management Committee not to change the current policy.

The committee also decided to request tutors/convenors  to advise classes/groups that if a participant has had COVID-19 or has been in close contact with someone who has had COVID- 19, that they should not attend U3A activities for 7 days.  Additionally, Tutors/Convenors are reminded that they should continue to maintain healthy practices such as social distancing and hand hygiene.  Masks are not required to be worn in classes, however tutors/participants may choose to wear one.

The Management Committee will continue to monitor the evolving situation, and government advice, and reserve the right to update the policy at any time during the year.